Sustainability - Company


Production and transport routes of our products

  • Whenever possible, we produce near the place of sale and not necessarily where it is cheapest. We deliberately keep the proportion of Far East goods in our product portfolio very low.
  • Our own brands such as CLIC, DELTA, REGLA, KPE rewind cable reels are manufactured in Switzerland. Especially with plastic parts, we keep the CO2 footprint to a minimum and thus ensure social and environmental standards.
  • If products cannot be produced or sourced in Switzerland, we turn to neighbouring countries close to the border in order to keep the distances as short as possible.
  • We take all these aspects into account in our supplier assessments.

Deliveries to customers

  • To minimise cardboard and film material, we use post boxes and pallet frames, even though the costs and effort involved are higher.
  • In addition, we do not simply throw away packaging material we receive, but reuse it.


We rely on durable quality production equipment (injection moulding, punching tools) and long product life cycles.

Waste disposal

The entire disposal of materials that can no longer be used is strictly regulated with Swiss recycling companies.